SunKissed Productions (SKP) is an independent film collective based in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are a multi-media production team led by queer, non-binary, Vietnamese-American artists. We direct, writer, photograph, film, and produce. Our mission is to embody and create art that uplifts marginalized communities in a raw, authentic, and unapologetic way. 

The founders of SKP connected over growing up in a Vietnamese-American household where our skins were "too dark," and thus undesirable. In a world dominated by whiteness, we are driven to reclaim what beauty and identity means for us. We define being dark as a way of “being kissed by the sun,” and therefore SunKissed Production was born.

Current members of SKP include Tracy Nguyen, Xanh Tran, and Sal Tran.


Tracy Nguyen was born and raised in San Jose, California. Growing up with refugee parents from Vietnam largely defines who she is today: a driven community organizer with a creative, entrepreneurial spirit. She received a BA in Media Studies and Ethnic Studies from UC Berkeley, which seeded her activist journey. Since graduating, she has worked within the nonprofit sector to uplift the voices and power of refugees, immigrants, workers, women, youth, the LGBTQ community, and incarcerated individuals. With her passion for visual storytelling, she recently started freelancing in film making and graphic facilitation. 



Sal Tran is a queer Vietnamese filmmaker and social justice activist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. They recently directed a short film called XANH. Sal's work is rooted within the power of story telling in film and performative art. They focus on mental health advocacy work within QTAPI communities. Their work has been featured in National Alliance for Mental Illness, Oakland Pride Film Festival, Center for Asian-American Film Festival, As[I]Am Magazine, and many more


Xanh Tran is a queer photographer, DJ, and stand-up comedian based in the San Francisco Bay Area. They’re work is rooted within bending gender norms, music, and traditional artistry of photography. They’ve captured historical photos in collaboration with organizations and events such Trans March, May Day and many more.